Hi, I’m George Putong, and I help cover the Philippines for Telum Media.

For inquiries about my work at Telum, email gputong@telummedia.com. If you’re a journalist and would like to make an editorial career announcement or issue a callout for press materials and story pitches, please feel free to email our team at philippinesalert@telummedia.com.

For everything else outside Telum – including potential partnerships, video, and podcast content collaborations – please email me at hello@georgeputong.com.

Previously, I was a Content Marketer at LinkedIn, a Digital Content Producer at NBCUniversal, a Trailer Producer at MediaCorp, and a Producer at ABS-CBN. I studied Broadcast Journalism at DLSU-D with the distinction of not failing a single subject. I was a Features Writer and Copy Editor at Heraldo Filipino.

I was born in the United States and raised in the Philippines. But when a taxi driver asks me where I’m from, I tell them I’m from Singapore. The “sunny on the left, rainy on the right” island has been my wonderful home since 2012. I advocate strongly for LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, and mental health awareness.

As a passion project, I write and produce weekly videos from Singapore on my YouTube channel.

My work folio is available on request. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.

Mask up and stay safe!

Yours, George

Last updated: October 2020