Podcast Guesting: This Freelancer Life S3E3 “Marketing and Pivots”

Something to strike off the bucket list!

I guested on one of Kenn Delbridge’s podcast programs. We connected on LinkedIn and he invited me to share tips on how freelancers can utilize the platform. I’ve been in content production for years but I’ve never recorded a podcast before!

Splice Studios is located at Cendex Centre which, coincidentally, is two blocks from where I live. After going through a temperature check, I was at his studio. It’s a lovely space that reminded me of the sound studios I visited years ago when I was a producer.

Great to meet Kenn in person. No handshakes! We started the recording soon after. I was thrilled to share my experience about using LinkedIn. Our podcast discussion went on to marketing and career pivots. You can hear the rest in the podcast below.

If the embed doesn’t work, click here to listen.

Thank you Kenn for the opportunity. (And for letting me take a peek at your studio!)

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